23. June 2018.

About the laboratory

In the Laboratory for Precision Engineering and Micro- and Nanosystems Technologies we perform research and classes in the fields of design engineering (especially precision engineering), mechatronics, micro- and nanosystem technology, energy harvesting, additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) and reverse engineering via 3D scanning.

Laboratory Head

D. Sc. Ervin Kamenar

Contact: ekamenar@riteh.hr

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Laboratory for Precision Engineering and Micro- and Nanotechnologies of the Centre for Micro- and Nanosciences and Technologies

Laboratory equipping was supported by infrastructural ERDF project no. RC.2.2.06-0001: “Research Infrastructure for Campus-based Laboratories at the University of Rijeka – RISK”          Europska unija   Ulaganje u budućnost                  

Bruker Dimension Icon Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)

AFM and STM modules in one device. Supports contact and tapping mode (closed loop control keeps the force (deflection of the beam which holds the tip) constant, which limits the contact forces to < 200 pN, i.e. a value far lower than the tapping forces of other devices – PeakForce tapping). Enables measurements of elasticity […]

Keysight G200 Nanoindenter

The device is thermally as well as dynamically (and acoustically) isolated. Electromagnetic actuation (voice coil principle), i.e. load generation: max 0.5 N with a 50 nN resolution; additional built-in high-load system with 0.1 mN … 10 N load range. Loading system stiffness (guided by leaf springs): 5.106 N/m. Capacitive displacement measurement: resolution < 0.01 nm […]